Norwegian Mountain Research Network

Norwegian Mountain Research Network is a network of social science research institutes to develop and disseminate knowledge about mountain areas in Norway.

A priority for the network is to establish cooperation with mountain research and mountain policy networks and institutions in other countries.

The network aims at promoting mountain community studies and challenges on the research policy agenda, and to identify topics for research in mountain communities.

The network strategy aims at addressing challenges seen as vital for future knowledge development and research in Norwegian mountain areas – currently five areas are highlighted:

  1. The new economy
  2. Leisure, public health and barter economy
  3. Mobility and demography
  4. Land use planning and conflict negotiations
  5. Climate change

The network is organized as a society (VAT no. 914 990 491) with a board of 5 members. It has currently 10 member research institutes.

Norwegian Mountain Research Network can be contacted through it’s Chairman of the Board, Tor Arnesen, phone +4790922190 or